Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Six Layer Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

If you want something a little different for a birthday, or just for fun, a layer cookie cake is it! =)

If you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, you could just use it, but I like this one.   I found it on my bottle of McCormick Vanilla!

In order to make each layer exactly the same size, I used a small (5 or 6 inch) round cake pan.   I cut a piece of parchment paper for the bottom and buttered the sides.   Then I measure exactly 2/3 of a cup of dough and pressed it into an even layer in the pan.  I baked each layer for 13 minutes at 350.   I wanted to make sure they weren't reaching "crunchy".
 After taking it out of the oven, I would loosen around the edges with a knife, and then invert it onto a potholder on my hand, and then onto a wire rack (by holding the rack up to the bottom of the cookie and gently putting it down).    After each layer had cooled, I put them in air tight containers until I was ready to put them together, to keep them from drying out.

The frosting is my mom's recipe, that you can find in this post.   I made 1.5 recipes of frosting and needed all of it.   After I made the frosting, I divided it into six equal "piles" on a plate, to make sure I'd have enough, and an equal amount for each layer.   (I actually made one pile slightly bigger, so I'd have enough to pipe a border on the top layer).   Put a dab of frosting on the plate, to secure your first layer before starting.   This will keep anything from sliding later!  After finishing the layers of frosting and cookie, I inserted a wooden skewer down the middle to keep the layers from moving at all.
I didn't frost the sides, just because I liked the look of being able to see every layer.  I do NOT recommend that you cover the whole thing in frosting as it will make it Painfully sweet!   As it was, this went down great with a glass of milk =)

Go make one! =)

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