Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bacon Donuts!!

I think we all know that everything is better with bacon, right? When I saw these on Pinterest, I was like, "What!? Those could not be more awesome! I only wish I'd thought of it!"

Okay, so the only thing "donut-y" about these is their shape.   They have no dough of any kind.   (Which makes them gluten, flour, sugar, egg free - Ha!)

A ring of pineapple, slice of onion, and piece of mozzarella string cheese... wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with a homemade rub (we had it leftover from ribs)

Baked (or grilled) at 400...

...dipped in marinara...


Seriously, you should make these - it's like a Hawaiian pizza in your hand.    They do take a little time, but are sooo worth it!

I found the recipe here.    I think some variations of this would also be good - like substituting the ring of pineapple for a ring of apple (and omit the onion), or using cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella... lots of possibilities.