Friday, May 22, 2015

Egg and Sweet Potato Hash

I made this recipe up myself.   We were given some Duck eggs and this was the first breakfast I made with them:

Look how cool they are!    Here they are mixed in with fresh chicken eggs to show you the difference in size and color:

I think they taste pretty much the same as a chicken egg.   Their shells are a bit stronger and the whites might be a bit "thicker", but they are Delicious!

This is super easy to make:


Handful of kale, torn into small pieces
1/3 of a red or yellow bell pepper, chopped
1 thick slice of onion, diced
1 small sweet potato, chopped
2 tbsp of butter or oil of your choice (I used coconut)


Heat oil in pan and throw all ingredients in.
Put lid on and cook, stirring every so often until veggies are tender.
Push vegetables away from the middle, add a bit more oil and break the egg into the center of the pan.
Add a bit of water at the edge of the pan (to create steam) and put the lid back on until the egg yolk is cooked how you like it.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika and enjoy! =)

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