Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tie (if not winner) for "World's Best Brownies

Chocolate Surprise Brownies
(from Tiffany R.)

I thought I had already had the best brownie in the world, but then Tiff made these sweet little pieces of heaven for one of our wifia lunches, and now I'm not so sure... =)

What makes these brownies so amazing? Well, look at what's in them!

Brownie mix with Hershey's syrup added, and Three chocolate (with toffee pieces) bars!!

Mix the brownie mix as directed. Spread half on the bottom of the pan.

Then place the whole chocolate bars on top of the batter

That's a ton of chocolate, folks!

Then top with remaining batter. Bake as directed. Cool. Cut. Be amazed.


Rabens Family said...

I made these brownies over the weekend to take to Lance and Nyx's for a cookout. They LOVED them. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

J said...

I am drooling. Might have to make them today. Why must you tempt me beyond my capacity for self-control?!?! :) Love, Jessica

Kendra said...

I made these with my "niece" for her birthday and we had them warm with some vanilla bean ice cream... they were SOOOOO yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

OHHHH Hoia, I am so going to make these for Christmas for sharing. I wouldn't dare make them now, or I would be compelled to eat the whole pan, with hot tea, over the course of lets say 3 hours lol

Joy said...

Joia, I made these, for our new years get together with Adam, Julie and the babies. I was able to find some Cadbury Bars with toffee pieces in them and, while they didn't quite fit the pan, they were as awesome as I thought they would be...yummo...Joy

Jessica said...

I have now made these like 6 or 7 times and every time, people RAVE and I gain 4 pounds. :) Can't wait to try those lemon cupcakes!