Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easy Egg Souffle for Two (or One!)

I have very fond memories of eating egg souffle at my Grandma's house as a child. I had never made one myself, but when I came across this recipe not too long ago, I Had to give it a try! It. Was. Amazing. It is now one of my favorite lunch foods.

The recipe is actually for a single, one egg souffle.  I like to double it though and eat it as my meal.

This one has some spinach added in, you could add whatever you like, or just eat it's cheesy goodness as is

So beautiful

I actually discovered that making it in a small dish isn't the best idea.  The top gets golden and puffy, but then the middle and bottom are still not baked.   Next time I'll make it in a round casserole dish, so it will only be an inch or two deep all over and will bake more evenly.

Got some eggs and cheese?  Go make this!

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