Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maple Pumpkin Muffins (with Pumpkin Granola topping)

After I made the pumpkin granola, I still had most of a can of pumpkin left... so, I saved 1/4 cup for a pumpkin baked oatmeal (for another day), and used the final cup to make these delicious morsels!

I gotta say, I think mine look better than the ones in the recipe, and I think it's because I used the cinnamon pumpkin granola on top, instead of just oats! =)

These are good for you, but also moist and yummy!

So, I bought this adorable treat ferris wheel quite some time ago.... but was super sad to discover when it arrived in the mail that cupcakes (with ANY) frosting on them don't fit in it! =0/  So, it's just been sitting in my pantry waiting for inspiration to strike (in the meantime, I decided that tea lights in mini holders, or pretty painted eggs could also work well in it).   I decided to try it out with these muffins and was Delighted to find that they fit! =)

...a little melted butter...

Make these!  Recipe is here!
(...and make the granola to go on top!   And add pecans to the batter!)

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